Bookkeeping and accounting


Bookkeeping and accounting in Dubai and other emirates of UAE has always been given importance by all businesses. It has become a necessity for the business to do the accounting based on IFRS as the business are dependent and accustomed to global market. In order to communicate with the wider geographical area, it is now mandated that books of accounts are to be maintained under the International recognised bookkeeping methods. As an accounting firm in Dubai, we have the expertise to provide account setup services in Dubai, accounting supervision services in Dubai, UAE and online accounting services in Dubai, UAE and other emirates of UAE. We can maintain the books of account in different accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero, Zoho, tally and higher end ERP packages.

M&M can deploy an effective resource for daily bookkeeping services comprising of data entries of sales, purchases, bank entries, petty cash entries, bank reconciliation, customers and vendors reconciliation, preparation of MIS, PNL, balance sheet and cash flows and and other management reports.

This resource will be managed and monitored by a supervisor who will in turn assist the accountant in VAT filing, ESR reporting, UBO filing and going forward corporate tax compliance.