Value added tax (VAT)


With the passage of time, VAT legislation has witnessed changes, which have an impact on businesses and accordingly managing VAT obligations will be an ongoing challenge for businesses.

Further VAT scenarios may come into effect with the changes in business scenarios, such as the launch of new services, new transactions being added to your business, or with changes in your supply-chain structure. All these would need review and advice from a VAT impact perspective.

Since all the VAT related expertise may not be available to you in-house, it is critical that you partner with qualified, experienced and a supportive tax consultant, who can guide you on all VAT related matters.

M&M’s tax specialists can provide client focused advisory services on VAT related matters. Our dedicated VAT team can provide a range of VAT services. We can conduct a health check to review the current tax position of your business and provide relevant VAT advice. We can assist you on a range of VAT related issues, including all aspects related to VAT compliance.

M&M can assist you in overcoming all obstacles, including unfamiliarity with VAT rules and regulations, lack of resources, problems with compliance, and the absence of an updated accounting system. Please contact us in case you are looking for VAT services in Dubai, UAE