Vat Filing


VAT filings in UAE are mostly required to be submitted on quarterly basis, however if you are a business with more than AED 150 million revenue you may have monthly VAT filings to be done. Deadline is 28 days from the end of the VAT period to file and to make payment.

M&M’s approach is towards ensuring that our clients are prepared for any audits. Accordingly, we follow a rigorous process of going through the relevant documents to ascertain the correct VAT position applied by the client and ensure that VAT returns are filed, and payments are done on timely basis by the clients.

VAT return filing in Dubai, UAE requires that all the data are reconciled with the line items in the trial balance before any data is uploaded. This requires that the entity completes the data entries, makes all the provisions and accrual entries, reconciles its banking transactions with bank statement etc. M&M also provides accounting supervision services in Dubai, UAE and other emirates and can assist in the whole process.