Vat Advisory


Since the introduction of VAT in UAE in 2018, the market has overall matured to understand the impact, laws and timelines related to VAT compliance in Dubai, UAE. It is necessary to ensure that no mistakes are made during the invoicing, charging of VAT, collection, payments and Vat filing in Dubai, UAE as it results in huge penalties.

With the introduction of VAT across major gulf countries, many of the exports and imports in and out of the gulf countries and outside gulf countries must comply not just with the Customs Act but also with VAT laws. Further due to concept of Designated Zones and Freezones in UAE, the compliance with VAT is more complex. VAT on sales within designated zones, Freezones and mainland requires different approach. We at M&M have developed expertise in decoding the VAT compliances.

Following are the services we cover under VAT advisory:

  • Conducting health checks to ascertain current tax positions and related advisory.
  • Review of internal controls and procedures including review of documentation.
  • Clarification drafting (for FTA) – Seeking the correct VAT impact for the proposed transactions.
  • Retainership Services – On-going advisory, updates, assistance in compliance etc.
  • Conducting training for in-house personnel to be abreast with the VAT updates
  • For transactions in and within other gulf countries

M&M can guide you before the transactions are entered into, in a way of vetting the contracts, advising on the taxability crossing different jurisdictions, impact on cash flows etc.