Business Restructuring & System and IT Review

(Through our Affiliate company)

We also carry out feasibility studies for companies facing financial stress and underperformance or crisis and deliver restructuring solutions designed to build a platform for swift recovery and sustained future success. We provide revitalization options; develop a plan of action in partnership with management, creditors, and other stakeholders; and mobilize the resources required for effective implementation

Our goals are to rebuild trust between the business and its financial stakeholders and to develop a detailed, targeted action plan for business improvement, simplification or divestment which involves:

Operational Restructuring

Benchmarking key operating parameters to assess areas where immediate improvements can be made, developing strategies to make these improvements and providing the necessary project management thrust to ensure that these strategies are duly implemented.

Financial Restructuring

Analysing earnings and cash flows that are sustainable into the future (often in conjunction with Operational Restructuring), so as to determine the level of debt that the business can sustain upon restructure. This will also take into account debt service, covenant and financing headroom, where required.

Our team has extensive experience in helping to formulate restructuring plans, negotiate with all stakeholders to obtain the necessary buy in, and implementing the plan either as Monitoring Accountants or as formally appointed Judicial Managers or Scheme Managers.

As part of our feasibility exercise, we suggest the appropriate zones, emirates, forms of companies as to where and how the companies can be set up.

And others:

  • Cross border commercial arrangements
  • Merger and Acquisition support – due diligence, transaction restructuring
  • IT System Implementation and Review, software development including technology support.
  • Data Analytics, AI and blockchain solution, development and implementation
  • KPO/BPO services and solutions