CT Impact analysis


Dubai has always been the most attractive destination for businesses and investors across the globe. The main reason for Dubai being the favourite destination to do business was the nil tax rate and lesser tax compliances. However, with the recent development in tax laws and introduction of corporate tax from 1st June 2023 onwards, there will be an impact on the way businesses function in the UAE. Therefore, it is essential to understand its impact on the business.

Corporate Tax Impact Assessment is a process of evaluating the potential impact of tax laws, regulations, and policies on a company’s financial performance. This involves analysing the company’s current tax position, identifying tax risks and opportunities, and recommending strategies to optimize tax efficiency.

The aim of Corporate Tax Impact Assessment is to help businesses make informed decisions on tax planning and ensure compliance with local tax laws. 

Realizing the actual impact of Corporate Tax on business is more important before implementing it. This helps to minimize tax liabilities, maximize tax savings, and achieve long-term business success. 

The ultimate result of an assessment is creating a base for effective Tax Planning, Business reconstructing and executing sufficient compliance verifications. Our corporate tax assessment services are a part of our Corporate Tax services in UAE where we provide holistic corporate tax solutions for businesses.   

M&M Auditing has a dedicated team of experienced tax consultants who specialise in Corporate Tax assessment. The team helps with the following:

Conduct detailed impact assessment on business based on corporate tax (CT) regulations on “As is where basis”. This will include:

  • Reviewing current tax situations by mapping all the clauses and guidelines issued by the authorities against all the types of transactions based on the trial balance and latest audited financials.
  • Analysing tax implications.
  • Identifying tax risks – Going through the current contracts and policies to verify the terms and conditions and map it against the provisions of the CT law.
  • Perform modelling based on the latest audited financials to arrive at probable tax payment if any.
  • Identifying optimization opportunities.
  • Developing a tax strategy
  • Implementation

At M&M Auditing, we have a dedicated team of professionals providing Corporate Tax Impact analysis services to businesses.